How to Control the subconscious mind?

The human mind can be divided into the conscious and the subconscious minds.

The Conscious Mind

The conscious mind is the one that you are perhaps more aware of. It is the one
you use to make decisions, choices and conclusions, or to put forward logical
arguments and sound deductions.

The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind takes instructions from the conscious mind without
questioning, and takes action to achieve the directions through constant
repetition and affirmations. It’s main purpose is to achieve the goals that you
set with your conscious mind. Without such goals, it will not be called into
function, and will simply be a dormant power left untouched. The power of
subconscious mind is boundless and unlimited in its ability to bring you
success. Everyone has tremendous mental capacity; it is up to you to make the
most of it. (Subconscious-mind,org  ).

The subconscious never acts on its own without direction.
Simply accepts all the information that you feed it because it is unable to
distinguish between what is reality and what is not. One of the best ways to
affect it is by surrounding yourself with positive affirmations and convictions
that will move you towards your goals. Negative information and environments do
the opposite, and it is best to eliminate them.

MindMaster is subliminal affirmations software. This is a powerful software technology, which helps subconscious mind for positive change using subliminal messages and images, subliminal message in songs, subliminal message music etc. Mr. Tony Dosanjh created this excellent latest technology. If you want more information about this subliminal software, Please visit   >>> HERE <<<

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Change your mind change your life!

MindMaster is subliminal affirmations software. Mr. Tony Dosanjh created this
excellent latest technology. When the subliminal messages and
images appear into your computer screen and disappear again so quickly that
the conscious mind cannot detect them. But your subconscious mind absorb
them change in life according to desire. The conscious thinking of the mind can interfere
with achieving goals with skeptical and negative thoughts. But the subconscious
mind will believe exactly what it is instructed by Mindmaster. It is very easy
to use. There are more than hundreds of categories you can choose. Also you can
create and customize your own category. There are tons of images you can choose
online. All your customize messages and images will be displayed on screen. You
can minimize it while working with your personal work on computer.
MindMaster can change your whole life.
Over 90% customer satisfaction rate. Now you
can help yourself accomplish the following goals and more!
Stop smoking
Lose weight
Develop self confidence effortlessly
Eliminate fears and phobias
Gain confidence with opposite sex
learn new skills
Improve memory
Increase IQ
Relieve stress easily
Reduce pain
Improve health
Improve self image
Eliminate negative beliefs and behavior.

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Do Subliminal Messages Work?

More than 60 scientific studies proved that subliminal messages processed by MindMaster technology is effective and it can motivate and change your subconscious mind according to your customized category program and desire. I put few of these studies for your understanding.

1. Quit smoking (five times higher success rate):

Dr. Lloyd H. Silverman, a psychologist at New York University, has been at the forefront
of subliminal testing for over 20 years.

  • Study on 40 groups of subjects incorporated a subliminal message into the treatment of half the group of smokers trying to quit.
  • One month after the study 66% percent group exposed to subliminal messages were still non-smokers, compared to 13% of the control group.

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2. Dramatic weight loss:

Dr. Becker and Dr. Silverman’s studies showed that groups receiving positive subliminal messages lost more weight than the control groups. In addition subjects were able to keep of the weight longer, and continued to lose weight even after the study was concluded.

3. Significant improvement in academic performance:

Dr. Kenneth Parker’s (a psychologist at Queens College in New
York) studied on 60 college students in law course for 6 weeks in summer. The group received subliminal messages achieved significantly higher grades than control group.

Also studies proved that mindmaster subliminal messages improves math performance, enhancement boosts learning, subliminal approval helps son beat dad at darts, influence over alcoholism etc.

Different professional persons like Physicians, personal development coaches,Olympic gold medalist, players, Psychiatrist, general peoples etc recommend to use MINDMASTER technology.

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MindMaster: The Most Powerful Personal Development Program in the World



MindMaster subliminal affirmation software has helped thousands of people improve their lives and achieve their goals, even if they have tried it before. There are some snapshots of the real software below:

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Some success stories

1. Nikki Stone, Olympic
Gold Medalist and Motivational Coach

2. Mickey Busby
Love, Happiness & Life Improvement

3. Heather Walter
Personal Development Coach

4. Anita Modha
Gained Self Confidence & Overcame Anxiety

5. Lawrence Tran
Quit Smoking with MindMaster

6. Dr. Gary Casaccio
World Renowned Psychiatrist

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Pros and Cons of MindMaster

1.Very easy to use.
2.You can customize and chose your own category.
3.Chemical or medicine free.
4.No stress, change will be occurred automatically from your subconscious mind.
5. 95 best selling FREE E-BOOKS and  3 MP3 as bonus
6. Completely safe, effective and legal.
7.Very small investment, but get back is very big.
8. It can run on both WINDOWS or MAC operating systems


1. Need little intelligence to customize your messages and images.

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Mindmaster Bonus with 95 popular E-books and 3 MP3

When you buy MindMaster softwares, you would be able to download 95 BEST SELLING FREE E-BOOKS and 3 MP3 files. No one else provide these 95 very popular E-books. After buy MindMaster Software we would send the link to downloads those. Get access to these informative success e-books on popular topics like:

  •  Train the brainü  Tricks to achieve goalsü  Motivation / advanced hypnosisü  Mind and bodyü  Self-confidence
  • Reach your potential
  • Emotion control tricks
  • Self-esteem
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Low carbohydrate recipes
  • Recipes for weight loss and health
  • Bible food
  • Anti-aging tips
  •  Sleep apnea
  • Alternate health
  • Eating for success
  • Smoking quit
  • Internet and affiliate marketingü  Click bank, PPCü  Article marketing and email marketingü  Make money on eBay and twitterü  NLP business
  • Mom make money at home


  • Online dating
  •  Weeding plan
  • Raising children


  • Law of success
  • Laws of alternate
  • Gratitude powers
  • Spanish learning course


  • And More….

Plus three MP3 audio files:
Rapid Weight Loss
• Law of Attraction
• And Millionaire Mindset.
Simply download these files and listen to them anytime at home or away on your i-pod, MP3 player or CD. Might be you are looking for these kind of books too! I think no one else can provide 95 free e-books for mindmaster software users except my review blog.

Please e-mail me at with your e-mail address, date and time of purchase, state / country after purchase the MindMaster software, then I will send you the link for free 95 e-books and three MP3 files.

If you want to Downoad MindMaster software with 95 free E-books and 3 MP3 files:

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My Opinion on MindMaster

Mindmaster is scientifically proven software program. I became successful using this technology to get back my self-confidence. It worked amazing in my own life. I am very much happy with Mindmaster. I recommend those people who are frustrated with obesity, lost their confidence, want to quit bad habits, to improve academic performance etc. This simple technology could change your whole life. This is not a scam. Your can check out for yourself and find the truth.

Mindmaster will run on MAC and Windows computers with Windows 2000 or higher (Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7).

Finally, you have nothing to lose. It has 100% money back guarantee within 60 days if you are not happy with MindMaster. NO RISK, So why you would not try with it.

Thank you very much for reading my review.

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